The Gap Falls Mystery

gap-falls-gateMaryland has 13 waterfalls throughout the state (14 if you count Paw Paw Falls). My wife and I tried to visit Gap Falls in Garrett County and ran into a little bit of a barrier (see photo). The road to the falls was blocked by a gate with private property signs on it. The GPS said we still had 4 minutes of driving time to go.

Google Maps has Gap Falls only a short drive from Wisp Resorts in McHenry, Md. The Garrett County Visitors Center is also in the area. We stopped by the center to get more information or see if there’s another route to the falls. This is where the mystery begins.

The very friendly woman at the center had not heard of Gap Falls. She did have a map of Swallow Falls State Park listing 4 falls in the area; Muddy Creek Falls, Lower Swallow Falls, Upper Swallow Falls and Tolliver Falls. No Gap Falls.

I scanned a few brochures … nothing. Gap Falls is either on private property or you have to go through private property to get to it. Bummer!

I can’t say it was a wasted trip. Driving through Maryland mountains this time of year is wonderful. A sea of trees and fall colors greeted us on the drive up. We drove through one of our favorite parts of the state, Deep Creek Lake, Md. The Supermoon gave us extra light along country roads on the way back. Not a wasted trip!

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