A Visit to Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center (North Brentwood, MD)

20161228_165409057_iosDrive along Rhode Island Avenue in North Brentwood, MD and you will come across an island of African-American history & culture in the middle of two small industrial shopping centers. This museum & culture center stands as a testimonial to the town that was the first African-American settlement in Prince George’s County.

The full name of the center is Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center at North Brentwood, Inc but it’s listed on social media as PGAAMCC. The 10,000 square foot center has a permanent exhibition room and rotating exhibitions around the space and along hallways. Quotes from art students are positioned throughout. A very friendly staff is available to answer questions and give you information.

The center is a community meeting space and has several programs covering all ages. An upcoming program is the New Year First Friday on January 6, 2017, from 6 pm to 9 pm. Enjoy live music, food trucks and complimentary cocktails. It’s an opportunity to learn, network and enjoy performances. Check the website for other events or workshops.

20161228_180026705_iosI said the center is in the middle of two industrial shopping centers. Not to worry if food is on your mind when you’re ready to go. Make a right turn out of the parking lot. A short drive down the road and you’re in downtown Hyattsville, MD. There are many places to stop for a bite to eat. I found this map of downtown Hyattsville when I stopped at Shortcake Bakery. It’s just a few blocks from the center.

I visited PGAAMCC because it is one of 14 African-American museums in the state of Maryland. See my post for a list.

Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center at North Brentwood, Inc., 4519 Rhode Island Avenue, North Brentwood, MD (Prince George’s County) | 301-809-0440 | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn | Yelp | Foursquare | free admission | free parking | There is a fee for a private tour by staff | Call or visit the website for hours, event schedule, workshops and volunteer opportunities.

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Waterfalls in Maryland (from Fox Hill Blog)

dreamstime_xs_25473158 - Hill with waterfalls landscapeI found a 14th Maryland waterfall to visit for my Maryland Waterfalls Project! The blog on Foxhillresidences.com has a post on with information on the waterfalls of Maryland. It explains how waterfalls are formed and has a detailed map and chart of all the waterfalls in Maryland. Check out the post!

The funny thing is the post lists 14 waterfalls in Maryland. I have 13 on my list. Guess what the name of the 14th fall is … Paw Paw Falls. I’ve been writing about paw paw fruit!  I’m adding this one to my list.

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The Search for a Paw Paw

dreamstime_xs_59258417 - Common Pawpaw FruitI did a post on the Paw Paw back in February. Well, this is the season for the largest edible fruit indigenous to the United States. Tasting a paw paw is on my bucket list and I only have 3 weeks to go for the 2016 season!

Paw Paw trees are find in many Maryland State Parks. I’m told there are trees on the Billy Goat Trail along Maryland side of the Potomac River. That trail is also on my bucket list. That’s two for the price of one! I’m hoping to find a fruit stand on my way to the trail.

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150th Annual Calvert County Jousting Tournament (August 27th)

Ring JoustingI did a post about ring jousting in Maryland. Well, the people of Calvert County are serious about jousting so mark your calendars! The 150th Annual Calvert County Jousting Tournament takes place at noon on Saturday, August 27th, 2016 in Port Republic, MD. More information can be found on the tournament’s Facebook page or from the Maryland Jousting Tournament Association.

The event is being held at the Christ Church and includes a day of activities before and after the tournament. There will be a church bazaar, an indoor concert and their Annual Country Supper (details here). Good sport, good food and good music all in one place!

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Maryland’s Official State Sport – Ring Jousting

Ring Jousting

Did you know that Jousting is the official sport of the state of Maryland? It became the state sport in 1962 according to the Maryland Jousting Tournament Association. Jousting tournaments are held around the state. A schedule (PDF) of tournaments is available here.

Most people think of jousting a sport or game between two horsemen wielding lances. The two horsemen charge down a track toward each other with the goal of knocking their opponent off the horse with the lance. You can still see this version of the sport at a Medieval Times.

Ring Jousting” is the version done at most tournaments in Maryland. This version has a single horsemen charging down the track with a lance. There is a series of rings hanging from arches along the track. The rings get smaller as the rider moves down the track. The rings range from one and three-quarter inches to one quarter inch in diameter. The goal is to capture all the rings with the point of the lance. Not an easy thing to do.

Long gone is the suit of armour jousters wore in the past. A modern ring jouster is more likely to have on blue jeans and tee shirt. These are family events. Just like going to the county fair or a baseball game.

Do you have a ring jousting story … please share!

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2016 Maryland Ice Cream Trail Opens Friday!

dreamstime_s_29193986 - Ice Cream

© Sunguy | Dreamstime.com – Ice Cream Sign And Tent Top Isolated.

Maryland’s Best announced the 2016 Maryland Ice Cream Trail to open this Friday, May 20th. There’s one new creamery added this year:
Broom’s Bloom Dairy – Harford County
Chesapeake Bay Farms – Worcester County (2 locations)
Keyes Creamery – Harford County
Kilby Cream – Cecil County
Misty Meadow Farm Creamery – Washington County
Prigel Family Creamery – Baltimore County
Rocky Point Creamery – Frederick County (our President’s farm)
South Mountain Creamery – Frederick County
Woodbourne Creamery at Rock Hill Orchard – Montgomery County [NEW]

You can download this year’s trail brochure here. See my posts on last year’s Ice Cream Trail here. Let the ice cream eating begin!

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