Where To Travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign (Travel & Leisure)

This caught my attention. Travel advice based on your zodiac sign. “Let the stars guide you to your next vacation” is the opening to this Travel & Leisure Magazine article Melissa Locker. Use personality traits described by your horoscope in travel planning. I’m a Leo. The advice for me is:

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
These lions are known for their fiery energy and flair for the dramatic. Leos love to be where the action is—the biggest party, the most fun, the most drool-worthy setting—and ideally as the center of attention. When it comes to choosing a vacation spot, think FOMO-inspiring trips that will look great on Instagram and sound even better on paper.

Ideal vacation: New York City, yachting in the South of France, hitting the clubs in Los Angeles, or party hopping in Ibiza

What’s your zodiac sign? Read the article – Where To Travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Last-minute travel tips for your Christmas getaways (WP)

The Washington Post has some tips for traveling by car in the DC metro area during high traffic times. From the article:

“The key to your Christmas getaway this week may turn out to be a bit of last minute fine-tuning in your preparations.

Let’s start with the majority of you who will be driving away from the D.C. region.

Public school calendars bind many travelers. At Christmas time, schools in the D.C. region break at different times. Some begin winter break Monday. Others will dismiss students Thursday, and some are open until Friday.”

Check out the article – Last-minute travel tips for your Christmas getaways

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Frying Pan Farm Park Loop (Live and Let Hike)

Here’s a great post from the Live and Let Hike Blog. It covers a walking/hiking trial around Frying Pan Farm Park. From the article:

“Frying Pan Farm Park in western Fairfax County, Virginia serves mostly as a destination for equestrians, school trips, and tractor rides, a family-friendly outing at a semi-rural farmstead. There is also a decent nature trail, however, featuring a handful of obscure historic landmarks and a pretty stream and waterfall. The following hike traces a 2.2-mile loop around the park, including two minor detours on the Meeting House Trail and a spur route through the boggy woods.”

Check out the blog post – Frying Pan Farm Park Loop (Fairfax County Parks, VA)

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Nearer and Dearer: Maryland’s Own African-American Museums (CBS DC)

CBS DC did a nice post on African-American Museums in Maryland. This is to put a spotlight on alternative museums you can visit while you wait for the crowds to shorten at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture. From the post:

“A large spotlight has been shining on the Smithsonian’s new, crowded and compelling national African American museum in Washington, but that doesn’t dim Maryland’s own repositories for black history.

Maryland has over a dozen African-American museums of its own, from the National Great Blacks in Wax museum in Baltimore, to the Harriet Tubman museum in Cambridge, to the Doleman Black Heritage museum in Hagerstown.”

Check out the post – Nearer and Dearer: Maryland’s Own African-American Museums

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Ideas for Hosting Thanksgiving

dreamstime_xs_39236839-family-eating-dinnerThe money section of Time.com did a fantastic post on hosting Thanksgiving without going broke. The article has good ideas to help keep the costs and stress low during the big meal. From the post:

“So you’ve decided to host Thanksgiving. For the first time. Ever.
Kudos — and godspeed. This is a big undertaking, and one you’re no doubt approaching with a string of expletives and a list of questions. (How much is this *$!& going to cost? How many people can I invite? What’s a giblet?)”

Check out the post – How to Host Your First Thanksgiving Without Going Broke

Just in case luck is not on your side. The game is on so you take a short break while the meal is in the oven. The game goes into overtime and by the time you get back, the 20 pound turkey is now a 5 pound hockey puck. Fear not! Washingtonian Magazine has a list of restaurants serving Thanksgiving meals to go. (Or you can save yourself the trouble and put in your reservation today. I won’t tell anybody if you don’t!)

Once you have the meal covered, select your signature holiday drink from this list by the Food Network. Have fun and remember to drink responsibly. Take photos and have a happy holidays!

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Waterfalls in Maryland (from Fox Hill Blog)

dreamstime_xs_25473158 - Hill with waterfalls landscapeI found a 14th Maryland waterfall to visit for my Maryland Waterfalls Project! The blog on Foxhillresidences.com has a post on with information on the waterfalls of Maryland. It explains how waterfalls are formed and has a detailed map and chart of all the waterfalls in Maryland. Check out the post!

The funny thing is the post lists 14 waterfalls in Maryland. I have 13 on my list. Guess what the name of the 14th fall is … Paw Paw Falls. I’ve been writing about paw paw fruit!  I’m adding this one to my list.

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Covered Bridges in Frederick County, MD

Stephen Hung Photography has wonderful photos of some of Maryland’s covered bridges. From the post:

“Frederick County is the home of three out of eight covered bridges in the state of Maryland. All three covered bridges, namely, Utica, Loy’s Station and Roddy Road were built in mid- 1800’s and are on the National Register of Historical Places.”

Check out the photos then plan your road trip – Covered Bridges in Frederick County, MD

Corn maze mayhem: Farmers go above and beyond to attract fall visitors

Baltimore Magazine has a post listing the amazing corn mazes you can visit around Maryland this Fall. From the post:

“It takes most people two hours to complete a series of corn mazes at Lawyer’s Winterbrook Farm — maybe 40 minutes if you’re really an expert.

But for those responsible for the maze, it’s more of a yearlong effort. And, as families flock to corn mazes across the state each fall, it’s not enough for farmers to till any old zig-zagging pattern through cornfields anymore.

Within the past decade, corn mazes have become much more intricate, forming images of local sports mascots, celebrities, presidential candidates and other notable figures. Locally, mazes have taken the shape of pop star Taylor Swift, Gov. Larry Hogan and the Oriole Bird.”

Check out the post – Corn maze mayhem

Fall Into Adventure: 34 Off the Beaten Path Things to Do

Baltimore Magazine has a post listing things to do in the Mid-Atlantic area during the Fall. From the post:

“Not too hot, not too cold, and not too far. Fall is the perfect season for off-the-beaten-path adventures in the Mid-Atlantic, whether it’s pedaling along a grand canyon, focusing on nature in the mountains, or finding treasure at the end of the trail.”

Check out the post – Fall Into Adventure: Take A Bike Ride, Snap A Photo, Go ‘Geocaching.’