Corn maze mayhem: Farmers go above and beyond to attract fall visitors

Baltimore Magazine has a post listing the amazing corn mazes you can visit around Maryland this Fall. From the post:

“It takes most people two hours to complete a series of corn mazes at Lawyer’s Winterbrook Farm — maybe 40 minutes if you’re really an expert.

But for those responsible for the maze, it’s more of a yearlong effort. And, as families flock to corn mazes across the state each fall, it’s not enough for farmers to till any old zig-zagging pattern through cornfields anymore.

Within the past decade, corn mazes have become much more intricate, forming images of local sports mascots, celebrities, presidential candidates and other notable figures. Locally, mazes have taken the shape of pop star Taylor Swift, Gov. Larry Hogan and the Oriole Bird.”

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Fall Into Adventure: 34 Off the Beaten Path Things to Do

Baltimore Magazine has a post listing things to do in the Mid-Atlantic area during the Fall. From the post:

“Not too hot, not too cold, and not too far. Fall is the perfect season for off-the-beaten-path adventures in the Mid-Atlantic, whether it’s pedaling along a grand canyon, focusing on nature in the mountains, or finding treasure at the end of the trail.”

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