Annie’s Country Kitchen in Accident MD

US / State of Maryland (MD) / Western MD Region / Garrett County / Town of Accident

Annie’s Country Kitchen / 414 S Main St, Accident, MD 21520 /

I’ve been to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland a few times. I have to drive through Accident, Maryland to get there. My wife and I stopped at Annie’s Country Kitchen on one of our trips in November 2011. I don’t remember much about the trip but I checked into Annie’s on Foursquare. That’s how I know the date on the visit. I also posted a comment about Annie’s while I was there. This is want I said:

“Fantastic toast made from home-made bread. Great desserts!”

I was the first person to make a comment about Annie’s on Foursquare! Eight more people have made comments since. All the comments are good. (Read them yourself.) I’m looking forward to my next visit to see how much it’s changed.

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Brent Jackson

Social Media is a Lot of Work!

© Nito100 | - Social Media Photo
© Nito100 | – Social Media Photo

Let me say that I LOVE social media! I’m active on several sites and I check for updates throughout the day. I was a Social Media Instructor for a nonprofit until a few months ago. I know the benefits of social media for a blog are many. I enjoy applying the things I learned and taught to my own blog.

However, as a blogger, its a lot of work! I spent most of my time last week working on my blog’s Twitter and Pinterest profiles. I also started a new list on my Foursquare profile to track the places I plan to visit.

This is not to complain. I’m only a part-time blogger. I have to find a way to balance the work needed to post to my blog with the work of managing its social media. Any part-time bloggers out there with ideas, please share!

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Brent Jackson