Yellow Trail Mystery Solved – Stubblefield Falls

Scotts Run Trail - Yellow Trail

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I explained my approach to seeing Yellow Falls in my first post about Yellow Falls. I will try to see the falls by getting as close to the Potomac River on the Virginia side with a good camera.

I can get access to the river from the Scotts Run Nature Preserve. Scotts Run has a system of trails that will take you all the way to the river but I needed to find the best path.

IMG_0562I parked in the East parking lot at the start of the yellow trail and walked to the end. I found a waterfall. Problem is … it’s clearly not the Yellow Falls.
Mystery solved. Look at the map above. The Yellow Falls are in front of Turkey Island. The falls I saw are the Stubblefield Falls on the Virginia side of the Potomac River. There’s an overlook at the end of the Yellow Trail that gives you a nice view of the falls but you still have trees in the way.

On a side note. I saw a small sign at the entrance to Scotts Run on my last trip. It was a sign for Great Falls Creamery. I decided to check this place out on this trip. After a short drive with the help of my GPS, I had me some ice cream! The salted caramel was wonderful.

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Yellow Falls and Turkey Island

Yellow FallsYellow Falls is one of three waterfalls in Montgomery County, Maryland. All three falls located in the county are on the Potomac River.

Yellow Falls are really a set of very small rapids formed when the river bends around Turkey Island. Turkey Island appears to be the best vantage to see the falls but I’m still researching. It looks like a boat ride is in my future if I can’t see the rapids from the Virginia side of the river.

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