Ideas for Hosting Thanksgiving

dreamstime_xs_39236839-family-eating-dinnerThe money section of did a fantastic post on hosting Thanksgiving without going broke. The article has good ideas to help keep the costs and stress low during the big meal. From the post:

“So you’ve decided to host Thanksgiving. For the first time. Ever.
Kudos — and godspeed. This is a big undertaking, and one you’re no doubt approaching with a string of expletives and a list of questions. (How much is this *$!& going to cost? How many people can I invite? What’s a giblet?)”

Check out the post – How to Host Your First Thanksgiving Without Going Broke

Just in case luck is not on your side. The game is on so you take a short break while the meal is in the oven. The game goes into overtime and by the time you get back, the 20 pound turkey is now a 5 pound hockey puck. Fear not! Washingtonian Magazine has a list of restaurants serving Thanksgiving meals to go. (Or you can save yourself the trouble and put in your reservation today. I won’t tell anybody if you don’t!)

Once you have the meal covered, select your signature holiday drink from this list by the Food Network. Have fun and remember to drink responsibly. Take photos and have a happy holidays!

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