The Missing EatWith in Maryland

EATWITHI’m not sure when I first heard about EatWith. I know it’s a website / app / service that started in New York and is spreading across the country. To borrow a widely used phase, “It’s the Airbnb of dinner parties.” An exciting new option in the shared economy. You can share your car, your boat, your home and now your dinner table.

I want to add eatwith experiences to my list of things to explore. There is an eatwith in DC but none in Maryland (so far). I know there are amazing hosts with great cooking skills across the state of Maryland. I look forward to one starting soon. (hint, hint!)

Now I know what you’re thinking … “If you like it so much, why not start one yourself?” First, I’m a lousy cook. I’d starve if it wasn’t for microwaves. That’s why I love going to restaurants. Second, I have a small place. People would show up, laugh and leave. Not a great combination for dinner parties.

Anyone have any eatwith stories to share? Anyone in Maryland thinking of starting one?

What is EatWith? / What is EatWith (2)?EatWith website / EatWith in DC

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