SuperHandyApp, SuperPro, Snow Gone, Awesome!

dreamstime_xs_30044916 - Car covered in snowSo here’s my Jonas Blizzard 2016, snowzilla, snowmageddon story. And it’s a simple one. My car was covered in snow [I forgot to take a photo but this photo comes very close]. Snow piled on top, both sides and in back. For me, a heart attack waiting to happen. What’s a simple solution … pay someone to dig it out!

At least I thought it would be a simple solution. There are a lot of websites that list labor, handyman or skilled services but it’s not really easy to order a service. I picked two websites, scrolled through the listings and started dialing. Some had a number listed but I always got voicemail. Some listed an email address only. Before long, I was in email and text exchanges with 4 different providers. Back and forth. I got a question. I replied and wait for an answer. On and on this goes.

2264289_orig - SuperHandyApp - SuperProWhile all this is going on, my wife downloads an app called “SuperHandyApp” on her Android phone. She registers and requests snow removal help. She gets a call from Adalberto. “I’ll be there in 20 minutes”, he said. Magical words! I could respond to all the people I was texting and emailing and say, “I just hired someone.”

This is an awesome service! Fast and easy. It’s like Uber for labor and skilled services. Open the app on your phone. Order the service. Someone shows up and does the work. Payment is handled through the app … like Uber!

This is a new service from what I understand. While I loved the ease and results, there where some bugs in the system. All can be blamed on snowmageddon I think. Adalberto came and two hours later, the work was done. Bottom line … I LOVE THIS APP! It’s called “SuperHandyApp” on Android and “SuperHandy” on iTunes. Look for the “S” symbol above. It’s limited to the DC Metro Area & the Los Angeles Area for now. If you live in the zone, check it out!

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