Holy Family Catholic Church (Mitchellville MD)

Holy Family Catholic Church |12010 Woodmore Road, Mitchellville, MD 20721 | 301-249-2266 | See website for hours and schedule of services | On the list of African American Heritage Sites in Prince George’s County.

20180512_154902880_iOSThis was a pleasant visit! The Holy Family Catholic Church ring all the bells for an African American Heritage site:

  • Plenty of free parking
  • Well-maintained grounds
  • Picturesque views
  • Positive history
  • Friendly staff

Rev. Joe Jenkins permitted me to take photos inside the church and shared historical tidbits while my camera snapped away. His face beamed as he talked about the current congregation at the church.

20180512_155822937_iOSThe church was built in 1890 to meet the needs of African American people in the area at the time. People traveled from over 100 miles when the church opened.

The church has a very diverse congregation today. Elder whites, African Americans, and Filipino Americans make up the largest segment according to the pastor.

20180512_154329485_iOSOne of the most interesting historical tidbits … a beautiful dark wood ceiling laid out like the planking on a ship in sections. The wood used to build the work of art came from a disassembled slave ship. I call that positive!

The church has an excellent website. Visit Holy Family Catholic Church.

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