Honey Wine, Mead and the Rise of the Meadery

dreamstime_s_41993320-3d-bee-with-corkscrewBreweries are great places to try beer. Wineries are great places to try wine. Now you can take a day trip to your nearest meadery to try honey wine or mead.

Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey. Like wine, mead can be dry, semi-sweet or sweet. A growing number of entrepreneurs are launching businesses dedicated to making this medieval brew. The result is an explosion of variations on the humble honey wine.

I’m on a hunt to find any meaderies in Maryland or Northern Virginia. I’ll also try interesting meads made with fruits, spices or hops frm around the country. Linganore Wines in Mt. Airy, Maryland (Carroll and Frederick counties) makes a Medieval Mead. B. Nektar Meadery makes a mead called Dwarf Invasion. It falls in the interesting category because it’s made with cherry and hops.

Trying to learn more I found a group of Facebook about mead but it’s not active. I also did some reading. There are more types of honey available than grape varieties. This creates a world of possibilities for anyone’s honey drinking pleasure. Will they call it the “craft mead” market? Time for a road trip and some mead tasting!

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