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dreamstime_xs_36806748 - FavoriteYears ago, I was the moral support for a friend going to a hairstylist. She had long hair, nearly to her waist and wanted a change. A big change! She sat in the chair and told the hairstylist, “Cut it short and give me something that will work for me.” I think the hairstylist was more excited than my friend.
His smile grew as hair fell on the floor. He explained he loved it when a client does a complete change and gives him creative freedom with the new look. “Cut it down and start new!”
I know how he feels. My last post announced the new look. Yesterday, I deleted all my old menus and pages. Three years of accumulated stuff gone in a couple of minutes. My version of “Cut it down and start new!”
My moment of design bless was brief. Two of those old pages are still useful, so I added them back.
My first new page is my favorite posts on this blog. The list of my favorite posts are below, but I will maintain the list on the new page. I hope you like them as much as I do:

05/08/2015 – Why I’m Writing a Blog: Braggables, Passion and Love!

06/06/2015 – Road Trip Tips

06/06/2015 – Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Trip

06/10/2015 – A Town Called “Accident” in Garrett County

06/14/2015 – Restaurants and the Bathroom Test

07/02/2015 – The Missing EatWith in Maryland

08/08/2015 – Spring Time Dishes In A Bright Home: An EatWith Experience in DC

09/10/2015 – Hotel Stay: Why You Should Tip Housekeeping Every Night

01/28/2016 – Road Trips: Drive Your Car or Rent

01/31/2016 – When Should You Sell Your Old Car?

02/01/2016 – Presenting The PawPaw

04/13/2016 – Adventure Walking: Walking for Fun and as a Sport

06/25/2016 – SuperHandyApp, SuperPro, Snow Gone, Awesome!

12/14/2016 – Md. ‘Ice Cream Trail’ Leads Those With Sweet Tooth Across The State

07/19/2016 – Maryland’s Official State Sport – Ring Jousting

10/27/2016 – Honey Wine, Mead and the Rise of the Meadery

04/28/2018 – African American Heritage Sites in Prince George’s County MD – The List


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