Maryland’s Official State Sport – Ring Jousting

Ring Jousting

Did you know that Jousting is the official sport of the state of Maryland? It became the state sport in 1962 according to the Maryland Jousting Tournament Association. Jousting tournaments are held around the state. A schedule (PDF) of tournaments is available here.

Most people think of jousting a sport or game between two horsemen wielding lances. The two horsemen charge down a track toward each other with the goal of knocking their opponent off the horse with the lance. You can still see this version of the sport at a Medieval Times.

Ring Jousting” is the version done at most tournaments in Maryland. This version has a single horsemen charging down the track with a lance. There is a series of rings hanging from arches along the track. The rings get smaller as the rider moves down the track. The rings range from one and three-quarter inches to one quarter inch in diameter. The goal is to capture all the rings with the point of the lance. Not an easy thing to do.

Long gone is the suit of armour jousters wore in the past. A modern ring jouster is more likely to have on blue jeans and tee shirt. These are family events. Just like going to the county fair or a baseball game.

Do you have a ring jousting story … please share!

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