Don’t Call Him Your Boyfriend Until These 10 Things Happen

I know this is not travel related. I’m sharing this post because it answers a great question in a unique way. My wife and I spent a year running a group home for children 15 to 17 in age. I had a lot of conversations about dating. Girls talked about the subject far more than boys. I will keep this post in mind for my next conversation.

I wrote a post called “All the Talk on the Traits of a Real Man“. One of the traits listed was “A real man is a good father…” This goes with the saying, “Anyone Can Be A Father But It Takes A Real Man To Be A Dad.” Well, one of the duties of a father is to teach our daughters what a good man looks like. That question starts with, what does a good boyfriend look like? I like the way this post from The Bolde answers the question.

From the post

“Between being ghosted and the prevalence of almost relationships, it seems more confusing than ever to figure out if a guy is actually going to commit to you. Maybe instead of focusing on him, you should be thinking about how you feel — you have a say in this, too. In other words, don’t call him your boyfriend until these 10 things happen:”

Check out the post from The Bolde – Don’t Call Him Your Boyfriend Until These 10 Things Happen


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