Ten Things Not to Say to a Travel Blogger

I saw this post from Travel Blog Success and had to share …

“Yesterday, writers released their frustrations all over Twitter with #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter.

It was a fun and cathartic exercise. Many of these tweets overlapped with things that travel bloggers hear all the time, like assumptions about how we sit around in our pajamas all day and don’t do “real” work.

But we travel bloggers hear a whole other collection of absurdities when it comes to our profession. Even those who don’t blog “professionally” have likely fallen victim to some presumptions and snark from those who just don’t get why/how we do what we do.”


Check out the post – Ten Things Not to Say to a Travel Blogger

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Author: Brent Jackson

Blogger at CAPM and More (CAPMandMore.com) & Maryland Travel Stories (MDTravelStories.com)

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