Yellow Trail Mystery Solved – Stubblefield Falls

Scotts Run Trail - Yellow Trail

Previous posts about Finding the Yellow Falls can be found here.

I explained my approach to seeing Yellow Falls in my first post about Yellow Falls. I will try to see the falls by getting as close to the Potomac River on the Virginia side with a good camera.

I can get access to the river from the Scotts Run Nature Preserve. Scotts Run has a system of trails that will take you all the way to the river but I needed to find the best path.

IMG_0562I parked in the East parking lot at the start of the yellow trail and walked to the end. I found a waterfall. Problem is … it’s clearly not the Yellow Falls.
Mystery solved. Look at the map above. The Yellow Falls are in front of Turkey Island. The falls I saw are the Stubblefield Falls on the Virginia side of the Potomac River. There’s an overlook at the end of the Yellow Trail that gives you a nice view of the falls but you still have trees in the way.

On a side note. I saw a small sign at the entrance to Scotts Run on my last trip. It was a sign for Great Falls Creamery. I decided to check this place out on this trip. After a short drive with the help of my GPS, I had me some ice cream! The salted caramel was wonderful.

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