Finding Yellow Falls I – The Trails of Scotts Run

Scotts Run Nature Preserve - Fairfax County - VirginiaI explained my approach to seeing Yellow Falls in my first post about Yellow Falls. I will try to see the falls by getting as close to the Potomac River on the Virginia side with a good camera. Well, easier said than done.

Most of the roads that go from Georgetown Pike to the river near Turkey Island are private roads. Each road has a sign warning you, “Private Road, Residences Only” or “No River Access”. I finally found a way to get access to the river, Scotts Run Nature Preserve. (Thank you Fairfax County, Virginia!)

Scotts Run has a system of trails that will take you all the way to the river. The problem is it’s a large system of trails. Miles of trails. Trails crossing in all directions. A person could get lost trying to find the river. Luckily, the trails are color-coded and I found a map!

Scotts Run SignScotts Run StepsThere are two entry points with available parking. I can park my car and climb a set of steps to access the trails. It’s hiking shoes for my next trip. Wish me luck!


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