Maryland Waterfalls Project

dreamstime_xs_25473158 - Hill with waterfalls landscapeMaryland has 13 waterfalls throughtout the state. I will visit and photograph each of them. The waterfalls are as follows:

  1. Gap Falls – Garrett County
  2. Muddy Creek Falls – Garrett County
  3. Swallow Falls – Garrett County
  4. Tolliver Falls – Garrett County
  5. Cascade Falls – Frederick County
  6. Cunningham Falls – Frederick County
  7. Amos Falls – Cecil County
  8. Gilpins Falls – Cecil County
  9. Kilgore Falls – Harford County
  10. Long Green Creek Waterfall – Baltimore County
  11. Great Falls of the Potomac – Montgomery County
  12. Stubblefield Falls – Montgomery County
  13. Yellow Falls – Montgomery County

This will be fun!

Thank you for reading Maryland Travel Stories!

Author: Brent Jackson

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2 thoughts on “Maryland Waterfalls Project”

  1. I love waterfalls! Anxiously awaiting your blog posts on ones in the area that I can visit on a day trip. Any info on local hotels, restaurants or points of interest along the way would be helpful!

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