A Town Called “Accident” in Garrett County II

MD - Garrett County - AccidentThe Town of Accident (or Accident, MD) – Directions from DC Metro area: I-270 to Frederick, MD. Take I-70 West to Hancock, MD to I-68 West and Cumberland. Take Exit 14A to U.S. 219 North to Accident.

Town website / town on  Wikipedia /

I’ve written the following posts on Accident:

  1. 06/11/2015 – A Town Called “Accident” in Garrett County
  2. 06/12/2015 – Accident: A Town With No Hotel?
  3. 06/24/2015 – Annie’s Country Kitchen in Accident MD
  4. 07/06/2015 – The James Drane House in Accident, Maryland


To be honest, I was thinking of moving on to the next town in Garrett County. Accident seems like a nice town but it has no hotel. More importantly, I can’t find information on how to visit the town’s one tourist attraction, The Drane House.

The Garrett County Community Action website gave me another approach for this. There is a Community Legacy Strategic Plan (PDF) for Accident, Maryland. In the plan, there is a section on tourism in the town with a discussion on the Drane House and the Cove Road corn maze. A couple of the opportunities for tourism development are adding a bed & breakfast and further development of the Drane House. I will look into this.

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