Mark This Date in a Blogger’s Journey

c94b26a6445bebf2a7eebaa16be5f0efI started this blog on May 4, 2015. My first post was the commonly used “Hello world” template from WordPress. Fifty-eight simple words in a post to begin my journey as a blogger.

I borrowed this travel quote because it explains the reason I’m marking this date. I’m going from “traveling” blogger to “Storyteller.” (Only I’m going to use the term … freelance writer.)

I’m having fun as a travel blogger but I do have other interests. I can explore those interests as a guest blogger or guest writer on other sites. I just did my first guest post on The Caffeinated Writer.

Danielle is the fearless blogger at The Caffeinated Writer. She posted a request for guest bloggers. One of the subjects she’s interested in is caffeinated beverages. (It appeared as “coffee” in my mind.) I LOVE COFFEE! I can’t really talk about coffee on my blog so this was a great opportunity to write about something I enjoy in a place where it’s welcomed. A perfect combination!

So traveling storyteller to guest blogger … date marked! If you want to grow as a blogger, look into guest posting on other blogs.

Thanks for reading Maryland Travel Stories.

Author: Brent Jackson

Blogger at CAPM and More ( & Maryland Travel Stories (

2 thoughts on “Mark This Date in a Blogger’s Journey”

  1. congratulations.! 🙂 I did my first freelance writing job over at . This is just the beginning, I wish you all the good things for your blog 🙂 x


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