2016 Blogging Goals Updated

dreamstime_xs_34050628 - Blue Enter ButtonI was nervous when I posted my 2016 Blogging Goals 3 days ago. Very, very nervous! Like hold my finger over the enter key for a few seconds before striking down nervous. This is a new blog and stating my goals for the world to see is … well, risky.

I decided to dig the hole deeper by sharing the post to friends by email and to fellow bloggers via the Maryland Bloggers Facebook group. “This’ll work better than counting sheep to put people to sleep”, I thought to myself. Then, I clicked the button and waited for the sound of crickets … or laughter.

Man was I wrong! I started getting feedback within minutes. People liked it, wished me good luck or congratulated me for blogging. All good to see and read. It’s confirmation that I was not crazy for clicking the button. Best of all, I got feedback! Real feedback. Enough feedback that I’m adding a few goals to my original list and re-thinking my approach for next year. [See original post for changes.]. Final 2016 blogging goals … set!

I want to thank Emilie Burke of BurkeDoes.com for sharing her Blogging Goals for 2016 with me. She has a great website and a fantastic set of well thought goals!

Thank you for reading Maryland Travel Stories!

Author: Brent Jackson

Blogger at CAPM and More (CAPMandMore.com) & Maryland Travel Stories (MDTravelStories.com)

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