Travel Blogger Professionalism Discussion

This Week in TravelOne of the podcasts I listen to is This Week in Travel (TWiT). May I say, it’s a wonderful podcast! I’ve learned a great deal about travel blogging and the travel industry from this podcast. If you want to keep up-to-date on travel news and the travel industry, go subscribe to this podcast … like right now!

Episode 174 of TWiT was a recording of the closing keynote at the 2014 TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) conference in Cancun Mexico. The hosts of TWiT held a panel discussion on professionalism in travel blogging. The host of TWiT are Gary Arndt, Chris Christensen and Jen Leo. They were joined on the panel by guests Ryan Levitt – PR Director at  Housetrip and Don George – Editor at Large/Book Columnist at National Geographic Travel.

The subject most meaningful to me was the challenges Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) have in finding travel bloggers to work with on projects. (I just started this blog so this is a whole new world for me!) It’s wonderful to learn the jargon, issues and best practices for travel blogging. Go listen to this episode and tell me what you think.

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