Social Media Update – Facebook Page Up (and Other Things)

© Nito100 | - Social Media Photo
© Nito100 | – Social Media Photo

This has been networking and social media week for the blog:

  1. I found two blogger networking groups; Virginia Bloggers and Maryland Bloggers. (I blog about Maryland but I live in Virginia so I can benefit from both.) I’m looking forward to learning and networking with other bloggers. I’ve been actively searching for a way to network. I’m very happy to have this off my to do list.
  2. I’m consolidating my two Pinterest profiles. I will keep the Maryland Travel Stories profile to protect the name. However, all future boards and pins will be on my personal Pinterest profile. It’s just easier this way!
  3. I cleaned up my Foursquare profile so the brands and lists match what I’m doing for this blog. (A lot of work for this one!)
  4. Lastly, my Facebook page is up! YAY! Now I can get back to posting!

As I said in my last social media post, social media is a lot of work!

Thanks for reading the Maryland Travel Stories Blog!

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